Yin Yoga

Yin is a passive form of stretching where we hold each yoga pose for a few minutes. This allows us to stretch deeper muscle tissues and fascia. The practice relaxes your nervous system and releases tension from your body and mind.I offer:Private one on one classesPrivate group classesCorporate yin classes (for employees to take a mid day or end of the day break with a nice yin reset or start their day with yin fresh and ready for the work day)

Benefits of yin yoga

Calms the mind and bodyReduces stress and anxietyImproves joint mobilityStretches connective tissueIncreases circulation

How to prepare for the class

Create a relaxing ambience
(light a candle, dim the lights, and I'll send you some soft relaxing music beforehand)
Comfortable place to lay down (almost all of the poses are on the ground)Cushion/bolsterBlanket
Hydrate (be sure to drink lots of water after)
Yin can also be done without props. If you don't have the above it's okay. Those are for extra comfort.

About Me

During the pandemic I came across yin yoga and it was just what I needed. I wanted something that allows me to take time out for myself to stretch, relax, and be gentle to my body. To bring my awareness internally and a sense of stillness regardless of what was happening in the outside world. Yin offers a meditative experience while still stretching the muscles and releasing tension. I received my teacher training in Corfu, Greece with INEA Yoga shortly after. Since then I've taught at one of the retreats in Greece, teach online as well as in person.


If you'd like to schedule a private one on one yin yoga class in Honolulu, Hawai'i below is a list of times I currently have available.If another time slot is more preferable please send me a message: [email protected]FOR MY S.T. STUDENTS YOU MAY BOOK ON S.T. SEPARATELY.YOU CAN PAY VIA PAYPAL BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW$50 FOR FULL HOUR PRIVATE CLASS ONE ON ONE$60 FOR COUPLESfor private/group pricing please email [email protected]Mahalo 🌱

It's yin time :) !